This website is dedicated to anyone that has thrown a disc to a dog. Because of the love of our four-legged friends, we have met new friends and have traveled to places we probably would have never gone.

In honor of Irv Lander, Alex Stein and Eldon McIntire, and of course the great Ashley Whippet himself, we will put forth the real history of the sport of flying disc dogs.

This site will have as much history as we can supply in regards to the early years of our great sport. We will update it when new items come in, as in pictures, videos, comments and other items. I hope all of you enjoy it and I welcome any ideas or items you would like to donate to the cause. :-)

It’s all about the sport and our four-legged friends!

Tom Wehrli


Sad news. I regret to inform the discdog world of the passing of Steve Willett. Steve was a major force behind the support of the early Ashley Whippet contest. He was the Director of Professional Services for Quaker Oates Co., a huge fan of our sport, and a true animal lover. He will be truly missed.


        Thank you to my loving family for all of your support over the years

Many thanks to Mark Pastor for his outstanding work in photographing my collection

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The Ashley Whippet