Hall of Fame

A few of the hall of famers gather at the museum.
Ron Ellis, Ed Jakubowski, Alex Stein, Tom Wehrli, and Chuck Middleton .

Irv Lander
Alex Stein and Ashley
Eldon Mcintire and Hyper Hank
John Wade
Steve Willet
Nancy Reagan ( This Is Correct 🙂 )
Peter Bloeme and Wizard
Bill Murphy and Bouncin’boo
Jeff Gabel and Casey
Jeff Perry and Gilbert
Mark Wood and Zach
Ron Ellis and Maggy
Donna Schoech
Tom Wehrli
Gary Suzuki and Sam
Ed Jakubowski
Lourdes Edlin
Lou McCammon and Scooter
Bill Watters
John Misita
Chuck Middleton
Chris Sexton
Jim Safford
Christi Campbell

Lawrence Frederick 

Gail Mirabella

Bill Keller